About XING

What is working at XING like? We are looking closely how we work at XING and interviewed one of our developers.

  • Who are you?

My name is Andrey. I am a Senior Software Engineer in Profile @ XING.

  • Since when do you work for XING and how did you get here?

I do not really remember how I stumbled at XING. But this somehow happened 4 years ago and it was a completely unknown company for me back at that time. I was surprised, that there was quite a big company that I did not know anything about. It was an interesting experience to pass all the interviews which were rather challenging. And I still believe, I made the right choice to apply here.

  • What is your current job?

I am working in one of the central team at XING - Profile as a Senior Software Engineer.

  • What tech stack are you using?

We are using pretty much the standard set of technologies - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, GraphQL, React, Java, Kotlin, Swift & Objective C. Everything that allow us to have stable and performant backend, flexible web fronted and perfect user experience on mobile devices.

  • What do you like about working at XING?

To have enough freedom and trust to apply all my knowledge and experience in delivering the best product for our users.

  • What was your most interesting task and why?

Transforming our team into a platform. It was not only challenging in the matter of technologies and the overall architecture, but we also had a hard time casting the internal team processes and communications into the proper shape. In the end, we provide our customers with a great experience and stunning flexibility and at the same time allow internal teams to easily contribute to our platform.

  • XING is about to be renamed to New Work SE - what do you see as New Work and can XING live up to it?

I see XING is already fulfilling the concept of ‘New Work’. I work for a company where each language, culture and opinion is respected. Where a subordinate can discuss a work issue with the manager the way like they are close friends. Where the office and the workspace are organised the way you got used to. Where you have a chance to grow. Do you need more?

  • How does it feel, working in a German company but also having a very international working culture?

The setup gives me an interesting experience to not only enjoy the things that I am working on every day but also to talk to different people with the various mindsets, religions and cultures. In the end, I came from Russia and it was a fun journey to adapt myself for life at XING.

  • What makes XING special for you?

The perfect combination of tasks, outlooks, people, working environment and, of course, place - Hamburg.

Thank you, Andrey.